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Schneider-Watson Thank you Letter

June 20, 2016

My family and I wanted to tell all of you how very much appreciative we are of everything you have done for us.  Having a bigger, newer vehicle is such a huge blessing to us!  My kids are all comfortable and not squished in the front or the back, there is ample room for all of their different gear, no one is hot, and they are entertained (wow, for a toddler this is a giant blessing). Having to run down stairs and check the car to see if it will start before I load the kids in it is no longer needed!  The van is perfect for us and easy for me to keep clean on the inside with the floor mats covering the whole thing! This is a huge blessing for us not just for having a much nicer vehicle, but I am able to list my car for sale.  This will give us a couple of month’s rent and food money and hopefully tide us through until I get back on my feet again.

              This has been such a humbling experience for me and my family.  I became a Christian and gave my life to God 6 years ago.  I gave up my career in Law to go to seminary and practice as a Christian counselor as I felt God calling me to do. It has been a roller coaster ride to say the least.  I have seen God move powerfully many times in my counseling room and the lives of my patients.  I have been blessed to be a part of that.  In my life I have had small moments of seeing God in my life and those have been very special for me.  However, this blessing you guys were all a part of doing for us has truly awed me.  Seeing that kind of selfless love for others and the desire to help families in need has given me a very full heart and allowed me to feel FULLY loved by God maybe even for the first time.  So when I say, a new van changed my life, I mean it.  I am excited to share my story, the blessings and love from all of you with others so they may see God working everywhere at all times.

              We thank you and are more appreciative than mere words could ever express.


Gratefully Yours,


Jessica Schneider-Watson

Shelton, Channing and baby Camille

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